About Us

Our mission is to provide affordable, clean, and great tasting water solutions for your home, business, and industry.

The Water Treatment Warehouse Story

Established in 1998, Water Treatment Warehouse, Inc. has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of water treatment equipment in the United States.

The Watershield brand of water conditioning equipment and drinking water systems has become known for its innovation and quality throughout the water treatment industry.

With our corporate headquarters in Venice, Florida, and a second location in Orlando, Florida, we offer free delivery to much of Florida and same-day shipping to the rest of our customer base. Started as a local wholesale supplier to southwest Florida, we now serve a large and growing customer base in the southeast U.S., the Caribbean Islands, and the Central and South American markets.

While we have grown significantly as a company over the years, our core value proposition to our customers remains our company focus. That is to offer an excellent quality product at a fair price, and support it with unequalled customer service. Providing expert technical support for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, with regular training seminars throughout the year, we give our customers that extra bonus to make them successful. We will always make time to help our customers solve their water quality problems and provide the right solution to meet their needs.

Why Water Treatment Warehouse, Inc.

Super Fast Delivery

By keeping a large inventory of products and having a well trained, talented staff, we can quickly put together your order and get it out to you as soon as possible.

Free Delivery of Florida

We offer free delivery to  most of Florida. We started as a local wholesale supplier to southwest Florida; we now serve a large and growing customer base in the southeast U.S., the Caribbean Islands, and the Central and South American markets.

Innovative Technologies

At Water Treatment Warehouse, we believe in providing professional, affordable water solutions with the latest technology to keep your home, business, and family with the safest water solutions on the market.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our highly qualified staff knows the best products in the market, allowing us to treat any water-related problems you are experiencing. Our team is friendly, professional, clean, and efficient.

Excellent Customer Service

We love to serve. Meeting Customer desires and needs is our top priority. We make sure to provide complete assistance before, during, and after product purchasing to each customer.

Customizable for Your Needs

At Water Treatment Warehouse, every water treatment system is built to order, allowing you to get the right system needed to treat your water using the products you prefer.

Our Locations

Even though we ship just about everywhere around the world, feel free to stop by one of our warehouses. Check out our locations below.

Orlando Warehouse

9220 Boggy Creek Rd
Orlando, FL 32824
Tel: (321) 402-5100

Venice Warehouse

850 Commerce Dr
Venice, FL 34292
Tel: (941) 488-3346